Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, following nature

Welcome to Mulloon Creek Natural Farms

At Mulloon Creek Natural Farms (MCNF) we believe in following nature. Being completely natural in our farming methods means we look to nature to understand how to manage our soil, creeks, pastures and animals, seeing them as part of a whole system.

Our farm is a diverse, sustainable working role model of excellence for profitable biodynamic farm production and landscape restoration. We are best known for our quality eggs, which are laid by hens raised in an open-range system on biodynamic pasture.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality, nutritionally dense food, free of synthetic chemicals, while building natural capital in the environment and ensuring our animals live a natural and healthy life in the outdoors.

Our farming practices aim to:

  • allow each animal to live its own distinctiveness
  • give more back to the soil than we take away in produce
  • let animals do what they do best, for example pigs are great ploughers so we cycle them through the paddocks that need ploughing
  • regenerate eroded farm lands through biological farming
  • rehydrate the soil and flood plains through Natural Sequence Farming technique
  • re-establish the foundations of the soil
  • re-build the landscape so that it supports healthy food production, flora and fauna

The farm is the campus for The Mulloon Institute and provides the land for experimentation, research and education. In association with The Mulloon Institute we are researching and applying ecological farming principles to achieve our vision and mission. Click here to visit The Mulloon Institute website

We also have a fabulous rustic barn venue that is used for concerts, community events and private functions. Visit our events page

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