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Our Team

Tobias Koenig - General Manager

Tobias Koenig - General ManagerAs General Manager Tobias Koenig brings 40 years of experience in Biodynamic farming to his management of MCNF. Tobias has been an auditor for Australian Certified Organic and NASAA since 1999 and has immersed himself in the philosophy and practice of sustainable agriculture. Tobias is a well respected teacher and advocate for landscaper regeneration through natural farm practices.

Mark & Julia - Grounds Keeper & Housekeeper

mark-and-juliaMark and Julia came to the farm in March 2005. After totally re-landscaping the garden at their home in Canberra, they decided to do it for a living. Having spent a few years in Northern NSW, fate brought them back south to MCNF where Mark is the gardener and Julia the housekeeper.

MCNF being a biodynamic farm was initially daunting, but was soon embraced by them both under the wonderful teachings of Lynette West.

The farm has grown considerably since 2005 and they look forward to many more happy years living and working within such a rewarding environment

Jacko Coote

Jacko CooteBorn in the back of a horse float around 1999, Jacko was the son of a Jack Russell Dad and Poodle/Jack Russell X Mum, that’s why he’s so good looking AND so smart. Jacko developed his management skills by attending meetings (under the table), eavesdropping on important discussions (in the back seat of the car), and generally just hanging out with his clever human dad (Tony Coote).  Like his dad, he loved it when they moved onto the farm full time and gave up the weekly commute from Sydney. It was then that Jacko took a keen interest in bossing the farm animals around and found that he was quite good at it. He is a kind leader, ‘though he learnt the hard way from lots of pecks, scratches and nips from his subordinates.

Kevin and Dustin Welsh

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