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05 March 2014

80 international agricultural leaders put sustainability under spotlight

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80 international agricultural leaders put sustainability under spotlight

Some of the world’s best agricultural minds will come together at The Mulloon Institute near Canberra this week to discuss the challenges of sustainable farming.

The focus of the visit will be on how best practice farming can allow agriculture to adapt, survive and thrive under fast-changing environmental conditions.

The Mulloon Institute is a not-for-profit organisation with a focus on building resilience into environmental systems and re-establishing the vital links between sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition.

The visit will take place this Friday, March 7 as part of the Nuffield International Contemporary Scholars Conference.

Nuffield is an international farming scholarships organisation in which member countries award prestigious scholarships annually to industry members to study an agriculture-related issue.

The Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) is an annual event at which all current Nuffield scholars from around the world meet to discuss the latest agricultural issues.

This years conference will see discussion on agricultural trade and economics, cultural Australian experiences and greater understanding of the importance of politics in agriculture.

Scholars will also have access to a broad range of Australian renowned speakers, farm and agribusiness visits and develop skills in leadership.

The Mulloon Institute visit is where a close examination of sustainable agricultural practices will take place by delegates.

“Farming is facing a huge challenge under increasingly dry conditions and the viability of Australian agriculture and food security for future generations cannot be high enough on the public agenda,” Executive Director of The Mulloon Institute, Michael Thomes says.

During the visit, the group will inspect a floodplain rehydration project and also view a sustainable and commercially viable agricultural model at the Mulloon Creek Natural Farms egg production business.

Jim Geltch, the CEO of Nuffield Australia says, “real change in the agricultural sector is driven on a daily basis by conscientious and well informed farmers, who care for their land and implement best practices.

We look forward to CSC delegates engaging with The Mulloon Institute on the challenge of ensuring sustainable farming and profitability are not contradictory goals for agricultural businesses of the future.”

For more information on the organisations, please see and

To read more case studies on landscape regeneration in practice in Australia visit and their Case Studies.

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