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29 January 2014

Budding scientists swap Summer break for biology

Written by Nicole Sadlier, Posted in Following Nature

Budding scientists swap Summer break for biology

Australian youth seem to get their fair share of bad press, so we’re excited to share with you a good news story.  High schoolers swapping their summer holiday and beach time to learn about careers in science. 

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) takes pride in inspiring young Australians towards futures in science, and it’s people like Dr John Field from our Science Advisory Council who take on this challenge to showcase science to them.

So who are these youth?  They’re students from across Australia just out of year 11 (going into year 12) and who are selected by their schools to be ranked top of their class academically.  These high achievers are nominated and then assessed by a panel of Rotarians via a thorough selection process.  The outcome is that a group of bright young Australians are chosen who will be tomorrow’s leaders in the sciences.

Four groups visited the farm in total – two groups were students who are thinking about careers in chemistry, and the other two about careers in environmental biology.

Students were hands-on doing environmental chemistry in the small catchment to the West and above Peter's Pond and environmental biology on aquatic invertebrates in Peter's Pond – before visiting the egg operation.

These sessions help the students to learn how to make informed decisions about courses and careers in the sciences and gain a professional skill set to help them realise their potential. 

Click here for more information on the National Youth Science Forum

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