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10 August 2013

Releasing the Trees

Written by Nicole Sadlier, Posted in Following Nature

Releasing the Trees

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms let's down its guards

The farm is well known for its extensive tree plantings along the creek, roads and in the paddocks. The time arrived when the protective tree guards were no longer required for the more established plants, and removing them was a significant job. The farm teamed up with Ian Sutton of Equilibrium Future Solutions to ‘release the trees’ and learn the importance of providing training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth and a great team of guys.

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms and Equilibrium Future Solutions share a common passion - natural sequence farming and Peter Andrew’s work. Although in Ian’s case, it’s natural gardening instead of farming as the urban environment is his main office.

Natural gardening is a method of gardening that mimics a natural ecosystem. It could be said that it is a ‘do nothing’ approach where the gardener allows a natural balance (equilibrium) to develop within their garden.

Natural Gardening is a simple, organic way of sustaining our environment. Instead of working against nature and trying to control the environment with human interventions, nature is left to take its course, which always and naturally brings everything back to a state of equilibrium. Natural Gardens focus on retaining water within the soil (just like our creek work at MCNF) via the use of stormwater catchments or hanging swamps. Water is life, and where there is water you will find plants, insects and animals.

As a Local Community Worker and Environmentalist, Ian Sutton, is well known for his amazing work with the disadvantaged within our society and his ability to motivate and mobilise individuals and communities to stand up and help themselves.

As well as building community spirit, his programs also connect people to their local environment, transforming degraded urban areas into natural wonderlands - areas that become the central focus and meeting places for the people.

Local police have also engaged with Ian on some of his larger projects where they have recognised his ability to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Ian believes that the financial benefit of his programs to the government and the community will eventually become evident in the long term when factors such as crime reduction, the results of getting the unemployed trained and working on these sites, and the savings in the cost of these relatively inexpensive parklands are factored in. The social benefit is already evident, giving the long-term unemployed involved in these projects self esteem, self worth and a qualification. For more information on Equilibrium Future Solutions please visit

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