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12 November 2013

The farm donates 8,100 eggs to The Yellow Van Food Rescue

Written by Nicole Sadlier, Posted in Following Nature

The farm donates 8,100 eggs to The Yellow Van Food Rescue

At certain times of the year the girls (hens, that is) at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms lay like absolute champions and we end up with extra supplies of delicious eggs from our pasture-raised chickens. This gives us the perfect opportunity to connect with groups in the community who can turn our excess produce into much needed assistance for people in need.

This week Graham Cowling and his team at the Duralla property donated 45 boxes, that's 675 dozen, or a whopping 8,100 eggs to The Yellow Van Food Rescue.

A word from The Yellow Van team, "Thank you to all involved in the donation of so many fresh eggs to The Yellow Van. Our teams will ensure they are shared widely and fairly to many refuges, charities, emergency relief providers and school breakfast programs throughout the ACT region.

You must have some very happy chickens out there! So many double yolkers!" Yes - they are happy - roaming on pasture all day, catching passing bugs, and scratching and pecking to their heart's content.

The Yellow VanThe Yellow Van is the only food rescue service in Canberra and they assist a range of agencies, including domestic violence refuges, disability support services, homeless shelters, youth drop-in centres, mental health support groups, people with drug, alcohol or gambling problems, refugee programs, school breakfast programs, and other programs assisting those who have financial difficulties.

The food rescue model of The Yellow Van is extremely efficient and practical and for less than $1, a meal is rescued, transported and delivered to Care&Share and 80 other charities around Canberra and the Yass Valley, who ensure people in need in our community are looked after. Each month, they rescue and deliver over 20 tonnes of good food, providing over 60,000 meals to disadvantaged people in the community – an equivalent of 2,000 meals a day. In doing so, they also ensure that 16 million litres of water used to produce this food is not wasted and that good food is saved from potentially going to landfill.

The Yellow Van receives no ACT or Australian Government funding and relies heavily on community support through individual donations, including volunteers.

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