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22 June 2013

Youth Food Movement

Written by Nicole Sadlier, Posted in Following Nature

MCNF hosts the YFM Retreat

If you haven't all ready heard about the Youth Food Movement - then here's some words to get you interested...

YFM Vision

All young Australians have the capacity and motivation to make food choices that demand and support a healthy and secure food system.

YFM Mission

YFM aims to be a nation-wide movement that brings young people together around food.   We strive to make our generation aware of their power as conscious consumers by building understanding and value for the food we eat. We also aspire to be a collective voice for young Australians so that together we can have our say in the decisions that impact our food future.

YFM Objectives

  • Increase the food literacy levels of Australian young adults
  • Allow the voice of young Australians to be heard in political and other conversations about food
  • To grow the movement and provide young adults with the platform to come together around food issues and solutions

YFM Story

The Youth Food Movement is part of an international network which was launched here in Australia in 2011.

It started with a group of young people who came together for a long table dinner in Sydney to share a delicious meal of locally sourced, seasonal produce and their love for food. To our surprise it turned out that there were plenty of other young people in our local area that shared our belief that food should be good, clean and fair.

A YFM ‘vine’ will be sprouting in your area very soon, so if you want a food future that supports our health, our environment, and our precious farmers.

Learn more and get involved

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