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5-day Straw Bale Building Workshop with Huff ‘n’ Puff Constructions


Huff ‘n’ Puff constructions run regular workshops in many regions of Australia. This is their 144th build so you know you will be learning from the best!



What you will learn

You will learn all the fundamentals of strawbale building by actually doing it. The workshop features discussion on, and hands-on experience with:

  • strawbale wall systems: pre-stressed, load-bearing, bale in-fill and hybrid methods
  • bale characteristics: weight, size and modifying the bales; moisture, types of straw, etc
  • foundations: matching foundations to the building site and conditions
  • door and window openings: different methods
  • bale-wall finishes: plasters and rendering
  • electrical and plumbing: electrical wiring and plumbing requirements for strawbale building

Typical agenda for 5-day workshop

This may vary slightly according to what is required for the building that is being built as part of this workshop.

Day 1

Theory: Load-bearing versus bale in-fill; low-cost footings and foundations; engineering details
Practical: Wall raising; Bottom and top plates; Windows and door fitting

Day 2

Theory: Wall systems; council requirements; Australian test results
Practical: Continue building; Compression of walls. Evening session: Power point slide straw bale building show. Shows many straw bale buildings in Australia from chook sheds to wineries, and of course homes of beauty.


Theory: Design parameters for strawbale
Practical: Preparation for clay/chaff renders

Day 4 &
Day 5

Theory: Render mixes: cement, lime and earth.  Electrical, plumbing, cabinets, water proofing bathrooms in regard to straw bale walls.
Practical: Hands-on learning; render mixes: lime and earth plus Ganmain chaff render application; lime oxides/colour and variations on mixes.


  • Lunch
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • On-farm accommodation for the first 5 people who book on our website

Strawbale orbost-workshop-day-1-150x150Strawbale orbost-workshop-day-2-150x150Strawbale orbost-workshop-day-3-150x150Strawbale orbost-workshop-day-4-150x150Strawbale orbost-workshop-day-5-150x150Strawbale orbost-workshop-day-6-150x150

Meet your educators

Strawbale educators susan john

Susan & John Glassford

John is the Founder of AUSBALE and it’s Charter President. Susan and John hold a contractors licence* issued by the NSW Department of Fair Trading 80594C *The licence is issued for the construction of straw bale walls, the only one issued in Australia so far. See their website for more information.


“I have read all the books, dreamed all the dreams “Hands ON” beats everything! See the reality! Fabulous!” Wendy

“Our dream is to build a straw bale home and you have now given us the confidence and know how to go forward with that dream. John and Susan you are wonderful hosts. Love your home Love “Jessie”. Marshall and Glenda

“A workshop on straw bale building with a vignette on earthen floors? Sounded like a good investment of my time. It has been. What I did not expect was the depth and breadth of information and more surprising the rich transformational experience this has been. I have expanded on all levels. What a joy!” Maggie and Bee

“I am so inspired by what I have learnt here I cannot wait to get cracking!. This is exactly the sort of building material we need to lower our foot print on the earth. Take care and I hope we stay in touch.” Steve

“Thank you so much for the course! I have really enjoyed my time here and learnt a great deal. All the finer points I wasn’t too sure about were covered and you always had the time to explain things clearly. I now feel confident in building my own house and permanent paradise. You guys really work well together to create a fantastic learning environment with differing styles and opinions and always remain upbeat and fun. All the best for the future.” Dan

“Thank you very much for a most enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend the workshop for both would be owner builders and also desk bound executives who need to experience a different part of their brain! All the very best for the future.” Toby


Event Properties

Start Sat 7 Dec 2013 9:00 am
End Wed 11 Dec 2013 5:00 pm
Cut off date Fri 6 Dec 2013
Price incl GST $550.00
Location The Home Farm, Mulloon Creek Natural Farms
This is a past event, we are no longer accepting registrations
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