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We produce both Devon and Angus cattle. The biodynamic pastures of Mulloon Creek offer a wonderful diet for our cattle. We move them frequently so they are always provided with a choice of fresh feed. See Animals for more on our management techniques.

Through the media we are led to believe that grain-fed beef is better - don’t believe it! Cattle do not have the digestive system to deal with grain and it alters the important Omega 3:6 ratio in the meat. Omega-6 acids promote inflammation, blood clotting and tumour growths while Omega-3 acids reduce inflammation and the potential for tumour growths – so the ratio needs to be in balance.

If you eat beef, choose ethically raised, organic, grass-fed meat. That way you know that you are getting a healthy product from an animal that has lived a natural, stress free life.

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Our beef is sold on the hoof into the organic market. Occasionally we arrange direct to customer sales and notify our friends via email. Please sign up to receive our newsletter if you want to be kept up to date with customer sales.


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