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Pigs are an absolute joy to have on a farm - they are sociable and have a gestation period of 116 days (3mth, 3wks, 3 days), so lots of cute piglets!

Each litter produces around 8 piglets, and each sow farrows twice a year. The piglets are weaned at 8 weeks and continue to live outdoors and graze freely on biodynamic pastures. They are fed all of the broken, cracked or unsalable eggs from our poultry operation, any vegetables (they love pumpkins) that are excess to our needs, and also receive a supplementary ration of organic wheat and sorghum. See our Animals section for more info.

Our pork has a good amount of intramuscular fat that gives exceptional flavour and moisture to the meat, similar to the marbled effect in beef. They also have a larger, rounder hind leg that produces more bacon than other breeds.


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A lot of our pork is sold directly to specialist providores but occasionally we arrange direct to customer sales and notify our friends via email. Please sign up to receive our newsletter if you want to be kept up to date with customer sales.


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